My name, in case you hadn't guessed already is Chris and I have been writing music for over 12 years. I compose and produce music for TV, Film, Web and Games and have created work for companies such as MTV, Channel 4 and London Live. My skill set includes TV Title Sequences, Adverts, Film Scores, Sound Effects, Audio Restoration, Mastering and Remixing. If you require anything that makes your ears tingle then please contact me.
You can contact me about work on or on my UK number 07805 858251
Yellow Gate - Electronic - 5:20
My latest demo, stay tuned for a video to go with it.
Invisible - Drum & Bass - 5:55
I can create many different genres of music.
Motion - Dubstep - 8:30
I write for many different media formats!
Blue - Solo Piano - 2:18
I create a lot of solo piano pieces.
Sound Clash - For London Live
Pop Profiles - For MTV
360 Sessions - For MTV
Live Vibrations - For MTV
Horror Sting - For Film24
Indie Sting - For Film24
Brit Sting - For Film24
London Live Jukebox - Channel 4
Golden Light - Film Company
Nintendo - Sound Effects
Mind The Step - Audio Visual Experiment
Life - Audio Visual Experiment